Celebrities are just like you and me, in that they also come together every year to commemorate the slaughter of both the Native American people and many large birds. So, as we do each year, we checked in on the Instagram accounts of some of our favorite stars to see all the fancy foods they got other people to cook them this Thanksgiving.

Though, unfortunately, I failed get a screen shot of Victoria Beckham’s Instagram story where she dressed as a turkey, the celebs still did not disappoint.

Reese Witherspoon wore a cape.

And she made a pie.

Sarah Jessica Parker either made a card or got a card, I can’t tell.

Kim Kardashian was thankful.

Kourtney Kardashian was also thankful.

As was Bella Hadid.

But The Game was the most thankful.

Naomi Campbell, not one to skirt tradition, posted her usual Thanksgiving photo.

Gucci Mane got a sweater.

I’m not really sure what Azealia Banks is doing here, actually.

I am, as always, most thankful for Tracee Ellis Ross.

And also for Cardi B’s Thanksgiving outfit.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj cooked.

Viola Davis also cooked.

I don’t think Gal Gadot cooked, but she did get to go to her first Thanksgiving dinner.

Beyoncé slayed.

Miley Cyrus ate tofu.

Mariah Carey is recuperating.

John Legend gifted us with a photo of #1 Celebrity Baby Luna.

Giselle exercised.

Drew Barrymore also exercised.

And Emily Ratajkowski wore a bathing suit.

Until next year, folks!