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Here's How Much Money You'd Need to Buy Everything in Vogue

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Most of us have pretty much accepted that the lifestyles portrayed in Vogue are more aspirational than they are obtainable, but let's say all that you actually wanted to own every single item from the Vogue's June 2014 issue. How much do you think that would cost you?


Journalist Noah Veltman purchased the most recent issues of various fashion and lifestyle magazines (for both men and women) and added together the cost of all the items with prices that were listed within. (We've actually done something similar in the past.) The findings were then republished by Quartz and broken down into handy graphs.

Veltman found that Vogue was far and away the most expensive (surprise surprise), with the total cost of items adding up to $343,368 and a median price of $850 per page. Esquire came in as the next most costly ($148,909), followed by GQ ($85,810). Reminder: these totals only include items where the cost was obviously listed, so the real sum for all magazines is likely much higher.


Have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around? If so, then a Vogue lifestyle could be well within reach. As for the rest of us, we'll just carry on with our barrel-with-suspenders ensembles and continue dreaming of fancier times.

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