Andrea Grimes, a Texas-based reporter at RH Reality Check who also contributes to The Frisky, investigated the claim that under the state-funded Women's Health Program, women would have access to equal or superior health care—sans Planned Parenthood. Guess what: it's not true! I know, you're astounded.

181 medical facilities were listed under the blanket of Medicaid Women's Health Providers, but Grimes found that the majority of them were radiology labs, pediatricians, closed clinics, duplicate listings, or just plain don't accept Medicaid, leaving a scant 13 that would be able to provide pap smears to Medicaid patients. And the 13th provider, the closest to Austin, is a 40-minute drive away. Because of course.

You can listen to a sample of Grimes' six-hour phone conversations with providers above.

'Without Planned Parenthood, What's Left for Texas Women? Not Much.' [RH Reality Check]