Here's Dolly Parton Playing 'Yakety Sax' to Fix Your Entire Life

There's not much you can say about a Monday opened by the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision except: Well, balls to THAT. But luckily the deities have blessed us with this magnificent clip of Dolly Parton playing "Yakety Sax," the theme from The Benny Hill Show, on a small, bedazzled saxophone.


Parton trotted out the cover at the Glastonbury music festival, in honor of her English hosts. (The clip comes via UpRoxx, h/t Vulture.) And yet, after gifting the world with this piece of marvelousness, she was accused by a Sky News anchor of "miming" her way through her set. Her rep denies the charge, but I'll say this: I'd pay good money for the privilege of standing there while Dolly lip syncs.

Anyway, watch her sing "Jolene" and judge for yourself:

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