Here's Diane Sawyer Drinking Wine and Popping Pills at the News Desk Circa 1989

Well! Some people thought that Diane Sawyer seemed a wee bit drunk on Election Night. And in this vintage (never-aired?) footage from Primetime Live, she sips a glass of red wine and then fishes some prescription pills from her purse. Ah, the good old days! The best part? When Sawyer sassily snipes, "I said, too bad she's crazy!" as she mimes chugging booze and sniffing coke. We're dying to know who she's talking about. In other news, she looks gorgeous.


According to Radar, this is raw video from sometime between between 1989 and 1998.



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I see ice cubes in that glass. I'm thinking that it's probably soda or diet soda. And the pills could totally be allergy meds or something. Am I being a total wet blanket here?