Before he was everyone's favorite bashful, differently-legged prison guard, Matt McGorry was just a regular old college kid—sipping Nantucket Nectars on the quad, tossing a disc around with the frolf bros, wearing a sweatshirt probably, and acting in no-budget student films like Gizor and Gorm. McGorry plays Gorm.

Jessica Wakeman at the Frisky dug up the short on YouTube, and IT IS SOMETHING.

While at Emerson College, McGorry donned a Fabio wig to appear as Gorm in a six-minute-short called "Gizor And Gorm." It's got "fertility maidens" fucking a ginger dude tied to a rock. It's got lots of fake blood. And most importantly, it's got Matt McGorry running around in the woods without his shirt off.

...Interestingly, Matt's co-star ("Gizor") is Hartley Sawyer, who has appeared on "The Young And The Restless," "Subpurgatory" and "Don't Trust The B—- In Apartment 23." Whoever did this casting for this student film sure knew how to pick 'em.


And here's the plot summary, courtesy of IMDB:

The chaos of war has reigned with the realm since the fall of the Thangbrand Kingdom. For an entire millennia, the people of Vulgard have not known the meaning of peace… In the darkness of night, the balance of war has been upset. Prince Argo of the Arturian line has been abducted by the daughters of Kypela. They must be stopped at all costs… Gizor and Gorm, sons of the Thangbrand Kingdom, must step in and save the day.

Oh, you crazy kids.