Here's Anna Kendrick Singing 'Steps of the Palace' from Into the Woods

FINALLY, the first full-length song from Disney's Into the Woods is here.

Disney has been downright mean about withholding the actual singing from the upcoming highly anticipated musical that every high school drama student knows by heart. At long, long last we have the first song to listen to in all its glory (and we don't even have to look at any weird pictures of Johnny Depp in dumb suits to do it).


As Vanity Fair points out, some parts of the song might surprise those of you who have spent countless hours rehearsing "Steps of the Palace" over and over again for your next big audition (or those who just like draping a shall around your shoulders and belting out the number in your living room when you think your windows are closed). (Don't judge me, snooty neighbors, you guys still haven't taken down your Halloween decorations).

Sharp-eared, die-hard fans of the original musical will hear several slight lyrical changes in this version. The biggest being the decision to take the song out of the conditional second person. The original tongue-twisting lines like, "But then what if he knew who you were when you know that you're not what he thinks that he wants," are replaced by the more personal (but no less twisty) first person in lines like "Or then what if I am what a prince would envision?" While this change-up may prevent musical super-fans from singing along with Kendrick in the theater (thank goodness!) it doesn't remove the complexity of the song one bit.


Pffft, nothing but nothing is going to prevent me from singing along in theater. Better luck next time, Disney.

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Madeleine Davies

Dang, Kendrick.