Here's an App for Having Sex at 30,000 Feet

If there wasn't proof before that there is literally an app out there for any kind of romantic interaction you would ever want to have, there is now. Meet Wingman, "an app that connects you with attractive people on your flight, all before you touch down." Here we go (hopefully on a trip to the Bahamas) again.


While Wingman is still in beta (and isn't the first to co-op that catchy name) creator Gabe Whaley, a copywriter at BuzzFeed, says it works a lot like Tinder. He Animal New York that the difference is that Wingman includes information about the airline and flight a user is on as well. With this intel, the app matches people up according to what flight they're on and allows them to start chatting with others they're near (via wifi of course).

Even though Whaley said he thinks it's "incredibly unrealistic" that people will actually have sex on a plane because of his app, the emphasis on Wingman's site is still on the sexy secretive nature of it all:

Whether you meet someone who you can actually date after you land with this app that very few people have probably downloaded yet, there is one bottom line: Fuck fucking in planes. Have sex with your new love far away from your unsuspecting co-passengers, please.


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