Here's a Trailer for a Movie About Sex Addicts With Gwyneth and Pink

How we managed to miss the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow had shot a movie with a cast like Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo, Josh Gad and PINK aka Alecia Moore, it may never be clear. But that wrong has been righted because here is the trailer for Thanks For Sharing, a movie that looks like it could actually treat sex addiction like it's a real thing.


Written by Stuart Blumberg, the man behind movies like The Kids Are Alright and The Girl Next Door, the film profiles Ruffalo, Gad and PINK as they go through a 12 step program for sex addiction while attempting to have healthy relationships of their own/get their lives back on track. "Isn't that something that guys just say when they get caught cheating?" Paltrow's character asks Ruffalo when she finds out he's in recovery for sex addiction. The plot of Thanks For Sharing isn't something we see everyday: a Rom-Com about sex addicts? Since it's a dependency that's often taken less seriously than others, it's nice to see characters who aren't as insane as Michael Fassbender in Shame get some attention.


I really want to see Shame. Is it any good? I love Fassbender. I love lamp.