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​Here's a Red Panda Cavorting About Because It's Saturday

Wait, do all red pandas look this happy and adorable all the time? Because I may have found a new favorite animal. Just kidding, I could never quit you, seals.


Seriously though, this orphaned red panda is way too cute. And it's from the Lincoln Children's Zoo, where THESE TWIN RED PANDA CUBS ARE. LOOKATEM.

Also, what is the deal with cute animal music? I truly think it should be its own genre of music: any ukulele, acoustic guitar with the capo set at the 5th fret or higher, any baby honky tonk, any baby xylophone. Dang it, I am definitely describing twee indie music. :/

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Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula

I need to send you all my anti-panda manifesto.

Worst bear though red pandas are better than regular ones, partly because red pandas aren't a bear.