Here's a Movie About a Detachable Penis That Turns Into a Man

In theaters May 2 but streaming now on Video On Demand for your viewing pleasure is Bad Johnson, a movie that stars Cam Gigandet as a man whose penis magically comes off his body and turns into a walking, talking, real, honest-to-goodness human man. (Feel free to allow a moment for your head to fall off your body from over-shaking.)

With a plot like this, I am shocked this movie hasn't gotten more play:

The film is a comedy about a womanizer (played by Gigandet) who receives his comeuppance after his penis mysteriously leaves his body and takes human form (played by Thune). Pitted against his alter ego, he must find a way to get his penis back while learning how to be a better man in the process.

Bad Johnson seems to fall in the Hollywood category of Bastardized Magical Realism also occupied by Freaky Friday, but will likely be a little less family friendly than that classic tale. The role of Rich's Penis is being played by...Nick Thune. Congrats Nick Thune!

There are some clips of the movie available online; in one, Gigandet's character Rich Johnson picks up Jamie Chung at the store as she buys a pregnancy test. (Sample dialogue: "Well, I don't want you to think I'm a slut who thinks she's pregnant.) In another, Rich Johnson receives a phone call from his penis as a man and is understandably upset.

Here is the poster for the movie, of which Gigandet told BuzzFeed, "It was such a long process trying to figure out what was acceptable and what would send the message we actually wanted to send."


I think we got the message.

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