Here's a Big Summer Mood

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Here’s an extremely aspirational summer mood that absolutely screams relaxation. Cheeks: smeared in sunscreen. Cool shades and funky hat: activated. Nobody can tell this child anything. She exists in a state of perfect contentment (at least until that drink runs through her system and it’s time to find a bathroom).


This kid—Danielle Martin, according to the caption, pictured on a beach near Melbourne in 1980—has even got her beverage so strategically placed that she doesn’t even have to lean forward from her cooling bed of sand to sip. Or rather, more likely, one of her parents has done so, in order to more thoroughly relax into their own beach setup. Let’s all try to bring this energy into our summer plans, whatever they may be.

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chocolate covered raisons d'être

I dig it.

Who else is wondering what Danielle Martin’s life might be like today? Is she aware she was the epitome of chill at such a young age?