Here’s What Appears to Be Photographic Proof That J.Lo and Drake Are Together Now

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Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s rumored relationship has been in the tabloids for a couple weeks now (remember last week’s story about Lopez choosing Drake over $1 million?), but I didn’t believe it until Wednesday morning, after seeing this Instagram photo of them doing the very definition of canoodling in front of... a fire started by their passion?


Both of them shared the same caption-free photo, which E! claims led to both of them being unfollowed by the love of Drake’s life, Rihanna. But, they continue, “J.Lo and Drake...still subscribe to [Rihanna’s] Instagram.” I don’t find that detail as juicy as E! does, because if I were Rihanna (imagine!), I would have unfollowed Drake immediately after this year’s VMAs.

I suppose we should have seen this coming. Remember the 2013 Grammys?

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[E! Online]

Speaking of new couples, here’s one that’s sort of out left field because neither seems like the other’s type, but sort of not because they once starred in a movie together. So, I guess it’s out of left-center field? Is that a thing? Sports fans, help.


Anyway, it’s these two:


Charlize Theron and Seth MacFarlane. It pains me to admit this, but Charlize, I sorta get it!

[Radar Online]

Ariana Grande Notes app-ed last night:


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  • Alec Baldwin is getting slammed for politicizing Carrie Fisher’s death with a Donald Trump diss.” You don’t have to read more than that. [Gossip Cop]
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  • I get it, Kanye. [Celebitchy]
  • I love this rude headline about the Royals. [Daily Express]

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