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Canada’s unrivaled Queen of Gossip Lainey has directed her readers to video of Canada’s unrivaled Queen of Music Celine Dion enjoying her son’s hockey game. There’s admittedly not much to the video—it’s just eight seconds of Dion low-quality cell phone video—but, well, eight seconds of bliss is eight seconds of bliss.


[Lainey Gossip]

Speaking of bliss, Aaron Rodgers has a new girlfriend and his ex Olivia Munn “couldn’t care less.” The bliss-havers in this situation are Rodgers for having a new romantic partner in his life, Munn for being absolutely fine with that, and us for being given a perfect headline like this:

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[Us Weekly]

Remember those strange courtroom sketches of Taylor Swift that didn’t really look like Taylor Swift? Well Jeff Kandyba, the artist responsible, has spoken out about the backlash to his work, and has an explanation for their...inaccuracy: she’s too dang beautiful!

In an interview, he told Fox 31 Denver:

“A person like Taylor Swift — who is very pretty, has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face — is actually much harder [to sketch]...everybody’s got little idiosyncrasies about them that you want to pick up on.”


[Us Weekly]

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