Here Is Your Open Thread for The Unauthorized Full House Story

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Have mercy, Lifetime’s much-anticipated (?) The Unauthorized Full House Story is finally here.


Tonight we shall bear witness to the wizardry behind Uncle Jesse’s mullet, the origin story of the most famous twins that have ever twinned and if we’re lucky (?) some reference to the rumor of Dave Coulier being the inspiration for Alanis Morissette’s hit, “You Oughta Know.”

I’m scared!

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Image via Scott Schafer/Lifetime.

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Still-Celia is Neverfuckingvotingforhillsxo

How would you feel about your life if you accepted a role playing Dave Coulier in a lifetime movie? Like would you own it and be stoked? Fake name and cash your check?

I guess I’ll do anything to avoid the dishes. I just pestered my husband into putting on lifetime.