Here Is the Trailer For the Final Season of Parks and Recreation

The trailer for the seventh and final season of Parks and Recreation has finally arrived and "everything's changed" in Pawnee. Sort of.

If you remember, this season takes place three years into the future in 2017. Leslie and Ben have triplets, Tom is a self-proclaimed mogul and April is using a surprisingly advanced-looking tablet. Oh yeah, and delivery drones exist.

For those skeptical about the decision to fast forward through three years of Pawnee hijinks, fear not because everyone is still calling Larry by the wrong name.


Instead of airing the final 13 episodes over 13 weeks as television shows are wont to do, the final episodes of Parks and Recreation will be aired back-to-back for six weeks until the series finale on February 24th. The new season premieres on January 13th.

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The secret ingredient is phone

Confession: I want to like Parks and Recreation, but I haven't been able to get through the first 3 episodes. Does it get better? I don't know why but it just grates my nerves for some reason.