Here Is the Right Honorable Lady Gaga With All the Ex-Presidents

Yesterday, Lady Gaga made an appearance at the One America Appeal concert benefit for victims of recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Above is the official portrait, with her fans. The image has gone viral.


Anyway, last night the Presidents put their differences aside and congratulated each other on their charity work. President Clinton praised President George H.W. Bush for “one of his noblest endeavors,” the Americans with Disabilities Act. President Jimmy Carter, longtime Habitat for Humanity volunteer, plugged Habitat and asked for $80 million of donations which the organization needs. President Barack Obama, who got a massive applause, praised recipients of President George H.W. Bush’s daily Points of Light Awards.

As far as the public knows, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton still hold a decades-long grudge (the New York Times wrote in 1996 that Carter was “reluctantly tolerated” but “persona non grata” at the White House), but Obama and Clinton and Clinton and George W. Bush have managed to patch things up over the years.

Trump “expressed his deep gratitude” via video, briefly setting aside crapping all over everyone always.

CNN has reported that as of Saturday night, One America Appeal raised $31 million with an additional promise of $1 million from Lady Gaga.

Here’s the full video. Scroll to 1:37:50 for the presidential speeches and 1:50 for Gaga.

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I can’t believe we’ve gotten to the point in this where George W’s presidency seems so normal and he no longer has to stay hidden away on his ranch. He was practically eloquent compared to trump and this is a guy that said “Sadame Hussein killed all the Mandela’s.” 

Fuck this really is the darkest timeline.