I've been doing Christmas WRONG all these years, judging by what I've just witnessed in this video.

Via Catster, aka the greatest website in the world:

In the video, a guy celebrates Christmas with his cats (who are named Theo and Thea) in New York City. He decorates with the, uh, "help" of the cats, and then goes for a walk in the snow, treating us to swooning sights of the Big Apple. He picks out two small, perfect gifts, and then comes home to make dinner, which he shares with the cats, who, again, prove to be very helpless helpers.

This guy is going to have a way better Christmas than the one you're going to have. Trust me. When your drunk uncle starts yelling about how his ex-wife is never getting the Chevelle back and your mom asks you to please try to "be nice" to your weird cousin who keeps telling people that a "President Alex Jones" would fix all the problems Obamacare is causing, just remember how fucking awesome this dude's Christmas is.