Rihanna made her annual appearance at the Crop Over Festival (casually known as Carnival) on Monday in her native Barbados and, yes, there is visual evidence of her splendor and, yes, it is time to bend the knee.

As she does every summer, Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty, First of Her Name, the Unbothered, Mother of Dragging, Queen of the 777, Lord of the Instagram Kingdoms, Rihanna of the Wild Thoughts, Great Breaker of Rules, came dressed in nothing and yet somehow everything in the form of an aqua wig, a mermaid-peacock-Aqua-Woman hybrid ensemble and bountiful jewels.

She is fine and feathered.


Sparkled and bejeweled...

For a few minutes, Rihanna broadcast the festival from her vantage point on Instagram Live, which kept freezing up due to a combination of over-activity, poor mobile connections and thirst. Look at the detail. I did all I could to capture screenshots.


Images via Instagram



Here’s a compilation.

We will update this post as Robyn continues to gyrate and as photos and video become available.