Here Is Lady Gaga’s Hideous New Monster Claw Tattoo

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Lady Gaga got some monstrous new ink. The artist posted images of the tattoo — a claw poised in the "Little Monster" hand sign as a tribute to her fans— on Instagram yesterday, along with the hashtag #Monster4Life.


Remember when rock stars treated us non famous people with open contempt rather than excessive appreciation? I miss those days.

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In another classic Bill Murray prank, the actor went golfing with Jamie Dornan from Fifty Shades of Grey. (Damian Lewis was there, too.) [ Pop Sugar]


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have named their newborn girl "Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher." Enjoy it now, new parents! One day she's a baby and next thing you know, she's a fully grown woman getting a gnarled old witch hand tattooed on her back. [E!]

  • Melissa Rivers is moving ahead with plans to sue the doctor who was operating on Joan Rivers when she went into into cardiac and respiratory arrest. [NY Daily News]
  • Paula Patton has told human Drakkar Noir bottle Robin Thicke that she will pursue full custody of their son if he doesn't get his shit together. [Radar]
  • Selena Gomez doesn't think she handles fame very well, dates Justin Bieber to prove her own point. [E!]
  • George Clooney was referred to by his dad Nick as "the crown prince of irony" in a wedding speech. Can I be the viscount of apathy? [People]
  • Teresa Giudice had hair and makeup people on hand at her sentencing yesterday to avoid looking bad in her mugshot. If they had anything to do with how she looks in this priceless piece of pop art, they are my favorite people alive. [Radar]
  • They might be making a third Sex in the City movie, so break out your Manolos and drink a cosmo (made of poison) to celebrate. [MTV]

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I've only got the one tattoo, so I'm no expert. I mean, maybe there's a good reason that Lady Gaga's bare ass has to be fully exposed while the artist works on her upper back. Maybe.