Here Are Your New Musical Mean Girls

Screengrab via Paramount.
Screengrab via Paramount.

The Mean Girls musical is full swing, and now there’s a promo featuring The Plastics in all their stage-ready glory.


According to Playbill, these shiny new faces belong to Taylor Louderman who will be playing Queen Bee Regina George, Ashley Park as Pop-Tart heiress Gretchen Weiners, and Kate Rockwell as the delightfully out of touch Karen Smith. The mean girls have grown up into beautiful mean women:

Yes, they can sing and talk and also be rude as hell about your dye job. The book for the show is written by Tina Fey, so expect some updated cultural references if you can nab a ticket for the run at the National Theater in Washington D.C. The production will eventually make it to New York, which is totally fetch.

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Detective Brenda Lee Johnson

As a theatre professional I just need to shout one more time: NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE TURNED INTO A GOD DAMN MUSICAL.

(Breathes): Ok, I think I’m better now. Thanks.