Here Are Two Kittens Playing With A Straw

Because it's Tuesday, you need to watch kittens playing with a straw. So here you go!


Amazing, this insight into the training of our youngling cat overlords. As you can see, this video was bravely shot by a man who dared to venture into a foreign land where they have their top secret training facilities. He risked his life to bring us this vital footage, which we here at Jezebel have passed on to Team Dog in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

(And yes, the video gets closer to them halfway through. So you can see the calculating menace in their eyes.)

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This Is A Dead Account

Years from now, after the Feline Uprising has rendered our landscape barren and enslaved our human children in the catnip fields, they will talk of an intrepid reporter who uncovered the Catspiracy long before the Feline Generals made their first march on mankind. "Her name was Burt," they will say with reverence, "and she was a Prophet." When I am gathered around my meager campfire with what is left of my family—the ones of able body already having been sent off to the tuna canning factories—I will say I knew you when.