Here Are Three Terrible Jokes Related to Politics I've Seen Today

On the weekend of the Nevada Democratic caucus, there’s a lot of political trash to kick out of your way on the Internet. Here are some attempts at humor that have tripped me up.

1. Tim Allen saying Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the skill set for jokes.

There are a bunch of not funny things to choose from here. It could be that Tim Allen thinks his “girl writers, the females, the women” support Clinton because they believe it’s time for a woman in the White House, and thus should be equally happy with Sarah Palin. It could also be that Tim Allen is still giving advice on comedy. You choose.


2. A man dropped off a “satirical” obituary for Hillary Clinton, to be published today in Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Wow, lol. He was wearing a Bernie Sanders hat and is now being investigated by the secret service.

3. Donald Trump.


Images via Fox News and AP.

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