Here Are the Coolest Items in Beyoncé's Ivy Park Athleisure Collection

Unlike her future surprise album that should be dropping any minute now, Beyoncé’s athleisure line Ivy Park is a tangible thing available for purchase on April 14. Ahead of its release, there’s a lookbook with all the casual and impractical activewear we’re all dying to never wear at the gym.

Design wise, the line isn’t much of a departure from traditional sportswear: breathable t-shirts, sports bras, leggings, shorts and sweatshirts. Much of it is a variation of what Beyoncé might wear in a music video, with a handful of items bearing the “Ivy Park” logo. I probably wouldn’t work out in a jersey bodysuit (seems like a moist situation), but some of this is legitimately designed for physical activity.


Via Fashionista:

Ivy Park offers three styles of leggings that are designed to be sweat-wicking and non-pilling: a low-rise (I), mid-rise (V) and high-rise (Y). The collection also includes tanks with built-in sports bras, mesh-detailed sporty tops, open-back sweatshirts, athletic-striped bodysuits, joggers and tons of logo-heavy sweatshirts, tanks and crop tops. The line also offers outerwear with tech-y details, like bonded holes through which to thread your non-Beats by Dre headphones.

Like most athleisure wear, the looks naturally extend far beyond the boundaries of the gym, so some of it is meant to be worn just in the general vicinity of a treadmill, a la the cafe across the street.

These leggings are pretty run-of-the-mill and expensive at $65 to $85.


The coolest items, objectively, are the jerseys (in the main picture above), sweatshirts and Ivy Park-emblazoned pieces.

Bomber jacket, $85; Sweatshirt, $48

Can’t workout in these, but would wear with some short shorts or around the house.

Sweatshirt, $75

Nice for unseasonable freezing spring weather conditions in New York.

Sleeveless jacket, $200; Mesh tank, $35; Sports bra, $38

Ivy Park is selling at Topshop and Nordstrom stores and online this coming Thursday, and on Net-a-Porter.

Images via Fashionista

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