Here Are the 'Abortion Barbie' Posters Nobody Asked For

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Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis arrived in Los Angeles this week for a campaign fundraiser. And greeting her were pretty graphic (and medically inscrutable) posters calling her "Abortion Barbie."


The posters were bankrolled by Midland, Texas busybody Kathryn Stuard, who told a local newspaper that she paid "conservative street artist" (lolololol) Sabo to create the image.

"It hits people with the truth," said Stuard, 53. "The artist is very edgy... I do support (Greg) Abbott but the campaign had nothing to do with these (posters)."

Sabo has also made posters that depict grandma-faced blowhard nerd Ted Cruz as a cool tatted up dude. And Stuard is IRL Shares From Your Aunt.

Fact check: abortion doesn't involve scissors. Even those scary Dirty Dancing pre-Roe abortions didn't fucking involve scissors. Perhaps Sabo, in using scissors as part of the Abortion Barbie playset, was alluding to the horrific antics of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who has become a rallying point for folks in the pro-life movement who don't seem to grasp that Gosnell ran the sort of no-standards, unethical and awful practice that appealed to the exact sort of desperate people who would exist in much greater numbers if abortion were outlawed. But you can't get between a conservative shouter and their most beloved of hashtags. Benghazi. Abortion Barbie. Gosnell. Obummer. Gosnell again.


There have to be some funny Republicans, right? Somewhere? Hello? Is this thing on?


Emma Golddigger

OK, I know I'm probably in the minority here but I love it! I would gladly buy the entire line of Barbie Strawmen: Misandrist Barbie, Welfare Queen Barbie, Voter Fraud Barbie, etc.