Here Are The 18 Countries That Beat America In Quality Of Having-A-Vagina Life

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Save The Children's latest State Of The World's Mothers report doesn't just compare and contrast the maternal health availabilities of nations; it examines the overall status of women in the 165 countries that comprise the majority of the developing world. Among the factors taken into account are economic/compensation data, percentage of women in government, percentage of modern contraceptive use, education and life expectancy at birth.


The entire report, available here in .pdf via Save The Children, was also converted to an easy-to-read infographic by The National Post.

The chart is organized by More, Less and Least developed nations, a tiered system based on a 2008 population study by the U.N., says the National Post (in addition to being four years old, the U.N. no longer uses this system, which might indicate why Israel, albeit ranked first, is in the "less developed" category and why North Korea, ranked last in "less," is not in the "least" category).

Generally speaking, Scandinavia kills it. Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, the UK, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Canada and Estonia all fall above America in terms of overall quality of life for women. Meanwhile, Bhutan, the top-ranked in "Least Developed," places 31% of women as using modern contraception, and Somalia, which ranks the very last, sees women spending an average of two years in school with a life expectancy of 53.

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I am proud to be a Scandinavian. In numbers and statistics, all should move here, if you are okay with high taxes. But pretty darn awesome I'd have to say we are, in some ways. Still not the most fun place to live. Still, great place.