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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Here Are Some Great Titanic Blogs We Had to Abandon Like Rose Did Jack

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Welcome to Titanic Friday. It is what it sounds like—a day to talk about the 1997 Academy Award-winning film Titanic.

It’s been swell and we wish we could continue blogging about Titanic until we die and go to that bigger Titanic in the sky. There, we’d be able to live on the Titanic forever in the afterlife without it ever sinking. But we can’t. These are the leftover Titanic blogs we couldn’t do. Goodbye.

Rose and Jack Were Real People, and I Am Their Grandson

Would U Rather Die Via Shooting or Drowning on the Titanic?

Rose Gave Birth On The Door — To Me

Actually, Leonardo DiCaprio Was Hot. We Stand Corrected...

Guns Couldn’t Save You From Dying on the Titanic

Guns Don’t Kill People, The Titanic Killed Some Though

The Only Thing That Could Stop Billy Zane With a Gun Is a Good Guy With an Iceberg


Fun Fact: I Died On the Titanic and Have Been a Ghost Ever Since

I Don’t Really Remember Titanic, It Didn’t Make An Impression On Me

I’m Glad Titanic Happened, I Think We Can All Agree

The Baby Could’ve Survived on the Bass

What Ever Happened to the Actor Who Opened the Door to the Ballroom in the Dinner Scene?


I Was Too Scared To Watch Titanic Until I Was Like 12 Because I Thought It Was A Horror Movie

Cal, Why Won’t You Let Rose Smoke?

Titanic Was Too Long

Poll: Is Gawker Media the Titanic?

Did The Titanic Fuck?

Poll: Is the Titanic Gawker Media?

Guess What, Cal Was a Feminist

If I Was On the Titanic, I Would Have Been Fine

If I Were on the Titanic, I’d Be in First Class and Would Have Lived

Pretty Sure I Could Have Swam to a Lifeboat

What About the Gay People on the Titanic?

Rose’s Titanic Heaven Was Actually Hell

My Ex Boyfriend Got His First Boner Seeing Kate Winslet’s Boob

If I’d Seen That Man Hit the Propellor, I Would Have Laughed From My Lifeboat

Being Rich Is Better Than Being Poor

It’s True, Titanic Made Gawker Media Insane