Here Are Some Fish That Look Like Dudes' Dicks

Before pressing play on the above video, do yourself a favor and take a moment to think about it. You could go the rest of your life having never seen a tank of wriggling fish that happen to look like detached, bloated and reanimated human penises. Would this be such a bad thing? Maybe not! Instead of watching the video, you could put your energy into learning a new hobby — start writing poetry or rollerblading. Really, you could do many other things that would probably be a lot more rewarding and a lot less disturbing. No? Okay, let's carry on.


This is Urechis unicinctus, a species of marine spoon worm (shudder) that's known more fondly as the penis fish. Furthermore, they are readily available at South Korean fish markets and eagerly awaiting human consumption. To be fair, when cooked, the penis fish doesn't look quite as disgusting and, according to this lady, don't taste "that bad."

Very well. A round of penis fish for me and my friends!

Introducing The Penis Fish [Buzzfeed]


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See also: Geoducks :D Common in the PNW, and apparently tasty, though I am too terrified to put my mouth anywhere near one.