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Here Are Some Abortion Funds That Could Use Your Money Right Now

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Abortions can be expensive, and especially in places where people must travel hundreds of miles in order to obtain one, the cost—of the abortion itself, of travel, of taking time off from work—can make getting an abortion incredibly difficult and burdensome.


Donating to abortion funds or groups that provide direct services is one small way that we can support the fight to protect abortion rights in states that have recently passed draconian abortion bans, from Alabama to Ohio. Special thanks to Steph Herold, who compiled a Twitter thread listing organizations people can support in each state and whose suggestions we have included below.







To see more groups that could use your dollars, scroll through Herold’s extremely helpful Twitter thread:


Senior reporter, Jezebel

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What about the Jane Collective? Is that going to be resurrected? Because if someone needs me to pose as their NYC-based aunt/cousin/niece and come “visit” our lovely city (ONLY FOR TOURISM OF COURSE) I have a pullout couch and am very good at putting care packages together and lying to authority figures.