Here Are 2 Trailers for 2 Very Different Movies About Operators, Both Named Operator

Images via screengrab.
Images via screengrab.

Last year, a movie called Operator was released. Or perhaps it was just made on a dare and not distributed, as I had not heard of it until a few minutes before beginning this post. It is about a 911 operator with a confusing accent (Mischa Barton) who gets caught up in an explosive game of dumb cat and dumber mouse with a techie terrorist (Ving Rhames) who, I think, kidnapped her daughter who may or may not be Barton’s age? Look, I’m not sure what it’s about, really, I just know this production still exists:

Image via DV3 Productions (lmao what the fuck is DV3 Productions?!)
Image via DV3 Productions (lmao what the fuck is DV3 Productions?!)

But wait! The 2015 Operator isn’t the only movie called Operator that happens to be about a professional woman operator! The 2016 film Operator is about a hotel concierge (Mae Whitman) who gets recruited by her husband (Martin Starr) to provide the voice of some new automated phone operator for a healthcare company? I think?

One of these movies (‘Egg’ Operator) is probably good, but its trailer is quite bad. The other movie (‘Marissa Cooper’ Operator) is probably the worst movie ever made, but has the best trailer I’ve seen since that super emotional one for Where the Wild Things Are where James Gandolfini is like “I’m a Wild Thing” and The Arcade Fire is like *swells* or whatever.

Watch them both.

Operator, Line 1

Operator, Line 2

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