Her Mom Was Her Roommate & They Both Survived

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"Looking back, we actually did well in the circumstances; others tell me they wouldn't have lasted a week." — cartoonist Brigitte Sutherland, whose mother shared a London apartment — and a bed — with her for seven months. [Independent, SevenMonths]

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I share an apartment with my mom. I love her to pieces, but were it not for my friends and my job, I would have been driven cetifiably batshit crazy by now. She is excellent at giving me my space, but it can be overwhelming at times. However, I'm sure it's the same way with a boyfriend or spouse (and I've never lived with a S.O.).

That said, I think it's taught me how to be a good roommate. The most important thing is to pick your battles. If you fight over every little thing, it'll drive you insane. If you decide what you will and will not put up with, and set some boundaries, it can (and does) work.