'Her Hair Was Blonde': An Oral History of Seeing Sarah Jessica Parker on the Street

Actor Sarah Jessica Parker filming what we now know to be an ad for Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi in Manhattan.
Actor Sarah Jessica Parker filming what we now know to be an ad for Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi in Manhattan.
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On June 5, 2018, four Jezebel writers—Megan Reynolds, Joanna Rothkopf, Bobby Finger, and Madeleine Davies—exited the recording studio where they had been discussing the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City for a podcast. Finger, who had errands to run, took a left. Reynolds, Rothkopf, and Davies, took a right to return to their office.

Davies: I remember when I first arrived to record that DirtCast episode, I told you both that there were paparazzi outside, so someone big must be filming.


Rothkopf: I said that I thought the paparazzi were actually part of the shoot, and that they were simulating a “red carpet event.” We agreed to disagree.

Reynolds: I couldn’t tell you what I said I thought, but I’m pretty sure I said it was a photo shoot. I agreed with both of you in varying degrees.

Davies: Joanna, it turns out, was right. [Laughs]

Rothkopf: [Laughs]

Reynolds: [Laughs]

Davies: [Still laughing, collects herself] We were recording an episode about the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City and I had joked that Sarah Jessica Parker had been one of our guests, but had to drop out at the last minute because of a work conflict. That wasn’t true, but hey, that’s comedy for you.


Rothkopf: We did a whole, hilarious riff on that. Really—you gotta hear it. Here. Listen there. Anyway, the point was, SJP was on the brain.


Davies: Megan, when we left the building was it you who put on sunglasses? Maybe it was Joanna.

Rothkopf: You know what, it definitely wasn’t me because actually it’s a funny story—I had lost my sunglasses until last night, when I found them. They were in a bag.


Reynolds: It was me. I put on my sunglasses because I don’t like to squint.

Davies: That’s right, now I remember. Anyway, we had just parted ways with Bobby who said he had to go—


Reynolds: His train was in the other direction.

Rothkopf: Little did he know, catching that train would be the biggest regret of his life.


Davies: So true! Well, we said goodbye to Bobby and took a right to walk uptown, but first we had to navigate through the film or commercial they were shooting on the sidewalk. We got yelled at by a lot of PAs!

Rothkopf: When we reached the set—it couldn’t have been more than maybe, what? 20, 50 paces from the office?—we were stopped by a very proud PA who said, “Nope, can’t come through here, shot’s going on, movie’s being made.” [Ed. Note: A loose translation.] So we stood right outside set and watched a man play with a dog that wasn’t his.


Reynolds: What we saw when we were waiting by the man with the dog I don’t remember is as follows: A red carpet. Glamour. Elegance. Various people who may or may not be famous, milling about in black tie. Paparazzi making big flashes with their cameras. Hubbub. Allure.


Davies: At one point, a PA yelled at us to move and so we did, and then a cop yelled at us to move and we said, “We’d love to, but the PAs are blocking our way.” But that moment of tension turned out to be pretty fortuitous.

Rothkopf: I remember this like it was yesterday [Ed. Note: It was three days ago]. I remember we are walking next to set and Madeleine shoots me a look. Man, she was so happy. So I too look where all the P.A.s and directors are focusing their attention and who do I see? Just freaking guess who I see!


Davies: It was Sarah Jessica Parker! I mean, wow.

Rothkopf: Dame Sarah Jessica Parker. Her hair was blonde.

Davies: I have heard that she is quite petite. And it’s true, she is.

Rothkopf: Yes, she is.

Reynolds: My memory of this moment is less than clear, but I recall getting the go-ahead from the P.A. or police officer or man with the dog to walk. Or maybe we were told to walk on the street. Regardless, I forged ahead, my mind elsewhere—lunch, probably.


Rothkopf: When the three of us got to the other side of set, Madeleine and I freaked. I think we said, “Oh my gawd.”

Reynolds: It’s true. They did.

Davies: And then we both looked at you expectantly and said, “Did you see who that was?”


Reynolds: You did. And alas, I did not.

Rothkopf: She missed the whole thing.

Reynolds: [Sighs]

Davies: [Laughs]

Rothkopf: [Laughs]

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I saw Cynthia Nixon on the street years ago and my friend and I were astounded by how beautiful she was in person. Her skin was unbelievable and her hair wasn’t dyed that horrible Miranda red of the first seasons, just blonde. We still talk about her luminous skin and it’s been over a decade!