Henry Golding to Star Alongside Emilia Clarke in 'Holiday Romance' Last Christmas

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It’s September which means Christmas decorations and rom-com advertisements will be going up soon. Here’s one you can add to your anticipatory “nice” list: Daenerys Targaryen and Nick Young will appear in a “holiday romance” together.


On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the crushingly beautiful actors Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) and Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) are all set star in Universal’s Last Christmas. Paul Feig—who recently helmed A Simple Favor, in which Golding also stars—will direct. The film’s plot remains a carefully guarded secret. The screenplay will be produced by playwright Bryony Kimmings and holiday rom-com veteran Emma Thompson.

THR also reported the film will be set in London. Hopefully more details will be unwrapped before Christmas.

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John Boehner

Is Clarke really a bad actress? I think she just gets bogged down in roles that SHOULD be great but have shitty writing from time to time-with GoT her chemistry with Kitt is horrible but I put equal blame on Kitt and the writers, producers, directors. With other actors on the show and stronger writing for Dany I think she shines. That whole last season where W&B made her character take language lessons was super cringy. It’s like they forgot to include the “floppy ears” and “I am just a little girl” shit in Meereen and then applied it to her time in Westeros.

The only other thing i saw her in was her round of Terminator. She wasn’t the worst part of that movie by miles.

I don’t think she’s GREAT, but lord, she aint bad either.

Also really bummed that this links to the Jezebel article where Clarke says everyone on GoT started off with the same shit pay, regardless of gender. And then whoever authored it was like, “Clarke says gender equality isn’t an issue ever all women are always treated equally.”

I also don’t think Lively is a terrible actress either. Come at me, nerds.