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Henri the Existential Cat Has Become a Corporate Sellout for Friskies

Illustration for article titled Henri the Existential Cat Has Become a Corporate Sellout for Friskies

Henri, the dour-faced Internet cat suffering from ennui, has accepted an offer from Friskies to become a corporate fat-cat sellout.


According to AdWeek, the French New New Wave star and winner of the coveted Golden Kitty award at this year's Internet Cat Video Film Festival is now a Friskies spokescat. Will Braden, the voice of Henri (science has confirmed that cats are not as articulate as their facial expressions would have us believe), explains that he and Henri have been "commissioned by Friskies to explore the phenomenon of cat food boredom," which wouldn't be a phenomenon if certain cat owners stopped feeding their cats Fancy Feast in crystal stemware.


Henri the Existential Cat Sells His Bleak and Blackened Soul to Friskies [AdWeek]

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I just watched an Henri video for the first time and cracked. up. When I just showed my—cat-owning!—friend the ad, she genuinely did not seem to understand the humor. She made a polite "Oh, I guess I should trim my cat's butt hair!" comment, but seemed to have lost all kinds of respect for my sense of humor from this. How can someone not think that was hysterical!??