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Helen Mirren Whupping Megan Fox For "Sexiest Woman Alive"

Illustration for article titled Helen Mirren Whupping Megan Fox For Sexiest Woman Alive

Notable news from Esquire's March Madness bracketing of its Sexiest Woman Alive title: Helen Mirren is totally beating noted sexyface-maker Megan Fox.


Tina Fey recently noted Fox's insurmountable SexyFactor, but perhaps Tina, for all her wisdom, was wrong. Dame Mirren, 64, is currently enjoying a 59-41 advantage over Fox, 23.
Over the weekend, apparently, that margin was even wider. Grassroots support among Esquire's base or evidence of Jezebel commenters' ballot-stuffing? Who knows. But it is awesome.


Esquire caught up with Mirren for a quick Q&A, in which she said, "I was surprised and flattered to be included at all. Personally I think Ms. Fox is one of the smartest, coolest, and sexiest creatures in the Western Hemisphere. I am gobsmacked." She added, "Sometimes the veterans have a way of surprising you - think Brett Favre."

And there was this:

ESQ: Do you think it's your free-throw percentage that's gotten you this far?

HM: It is more the fouls that I have gotten away with.

Hot and funny! As if we needed more reasons to root for her for the cover.

Helen Mirren: 'I Am Gobsmacked' by Megan Fox Upset [Esquire]

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Mireille is sensational, like a She-Hulk

If only she didn't equivocate on rape. Dame Mirren, no means no and yes means yes, period.