Helen Mirren Wants To Be Doctor Who

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Helen Mirren says: "I would like to play the new female Doctor Who. I don't want to just be his sidekick." I don't even watch and I can tell this is an excellent idea.


[Daily Star via The Mary Sue]

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As much as I love Helen Mirren and Doctor Who, I am vehemently opposed to her being a "new female Doctor Who". The Doctor is male, because he is a male Time Lord. There are female Time Lords (or rather, there have been) and none of them have regenerated into men. Just different women. The whole argument for "it's time for a female Doctor" annoys me because, while I can understand the sore lack of female role models in popular TV shows, changing the established gender of a notable male hero just to fill that void is not the answer.

I mean, sure, for the love of God, she's amazing, so if they can figure out a way to write a new female Time Lord into the series, by all means put her in there. (Although she'd have serious competition in bad-assery with River Song who OH MY GOSH I wanna be when I grow up because she's like Indiana Jones meets Jean Luc Picard with tits and amazing hair... or at least she was up until the last few episodes.) I just can't help but think if the Doctor had always been a woman, then a lot of the same people calling for a female now would scream bloody murder if someone implied it was "time for a male".

Know who should be the next Doctor Who? Rupert Grint. Seriously. He's perfect, and the Doctor has been lamenting never "being ginger" for years now.