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Heinz Puts Way Too Much Thought Into Revamped Ketchup Packet

Illustration for article titled Heinz Puts Way Too Much Thought Into Revamped Ketchup Packet

Heinz ketchup packets have looked the same since 1968, but now the company is rolling out a radical new design. The new "dip and squeeze" packets hold three times as much ketchup and they can be squeezed out one end, or the foil can be pulled back for dipping. It seems like a simple concept, but for some reason it took the company three years to figure out that people want a tub/packet hybrid. The Wall Street Journal reports:

To develop the new packet, Heinz staffers sat behind one-way, mirrored glass, watching consumers in 20 fake minivan interiors putting ketchup on fries, burgers, and chicken nuggets.

To try new prototypes himself, Mike Okoroafor, Heinz vice president of global packaging innovation and execution, bought a used minivan, taking it to local McDonald's and Wendy's drive-throughs to order fries and apply ketchup in the confined space.

"I wasn't going to use my car-too messy," he says.

Heinz will also be selling packets in stores for the first time. If you love the sport involved in stealing packets for home use, you can still dump handfuls of ketchup into your Wendy's bag and pretend the cashier cares enough to stop you .


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But how do you mix in the mayo? People from Idaho need to know. (We called it "fry sauce" and after I moved away from Idaho I discovered that not everyone dips their fries in mixed ketchup/mayo.)

Wait, I do this ON A PLATE at a table, because why would you eat french fries in the CAR?