Heidi's Doctor: Plastic Surgery "A Well Thought Out Career Move"

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"I couldn't have done that," says Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan. "Sitting down there with the wisdom of someone much older and thinking: 'What is it I really need to do to propel my career?'" Tila Tequila disagrees:

In a separate Radar Online interview, Tila says of Dr. Ryan's handiwork:

"[Heidi]'s gone overboard... Her whole relationship is fake, her whole show is fake, her whole marriage is fake, everything about her is fake. So now it just makes sense that her whole face is fake."

She adds:

"She's sending out a really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad message to other young girls out there who might look up to her. I don't know does, but for the three girls out there who look up to her, she's sending those three girls a really bad message... It's telling these girls, 'Don't feel good about yourself, get as much plastic surgery as you can.'"


Sorry Heidi, but Tila Tequila calling you fake and crazy is not a good sign.

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The natural Heidi was a beautiful girl... her beauty is certainly diminished by the generic, unnatural quality her face has now taken on. Someone said earlier that she looked as though she was trying to look like Jenna Jameson and Iagree. And it is a horrible message to send: that every girl is "improved" by getting work done to look more like some generic porn ideal of what women should be, and less like an individual.