Photo: AP

Eric Trump, the tall one, was leaving a restaurant with his wife on Thursday night when they encountered the future of America, who basically told them to go fuck themselves.

According to Page Six, the teens were like, a little close to being late for curfew, if you ask me, when they saw Trump leaving the Quality Italian restaurant near Trump Tower with his wife, Lara.

The pair — who were on foot and had no apparent security — stopped by Quality Italian on 57th Street around 9:30 p.m., where a table of friends congratulated Eric on his father Donald Trump’s stunning win in Tuesday’s election.

The couple left about five minutes later, but as they crossed Sixth Avenue a group of about eight teens yelled, “Eric — f - - k your father!”

A more magnanimous heckler shouted, “Loves Trumps Hate!”

Eric briefly turned to face them, but then moved on swiftly.

Truly, forget the city-wide protests and petitions—the easiest way to mess with a grown man is getting a bunch of teens to savage him in public.