This morning on Today, dermatologist Susan Taylor said that she is "very concerned" about the UV light used during gel manicures. Her recommendation? White cotton gloves. "Clip the tips off," Dr. Taylor explained, "and then put them on before you put your hands under the light." How about no? Not going to happen. Where are we even getting white cotton gloves? Disneyland? A magic shop?

Dr. Taylor also recommended bringing sunscreen to your manicure and having your manicurist moisturize your hands with it. Sensing this shit was getting ridiculous, Savannah Guthrie questioned: "Would you do sunscreen or gloves?" Dr. Taylor replied: "I would actually do both." Savannah's "Really? Okay" teetered pretty close to being a Seth and Amy "REALLY!?!" This lady must loooove period movies, with all the parasols and gloves and gauntlets.

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