Head Lice Victim Jennifer Garner Does Perfect Ben Affleck Impression

Jennifer Garner confessed the real truth about why she and her husband Ben Affleck weren't at George Clooney's wedding.


Garner told Jimmy Fallon about a time when she and her kids were infected with head lice (GLAMOROUS HOLLYWOOD HEAD LICE). Hey, parents know, it happens sometimes. So, she got a visit from the "Lice Lady" (or "Lice Fairy," if you prefer) who greased up her hair with the proper treatment.

Garner, who does the best impression of Ben Affleck ever, said that after getting the stinky head lice treatment (which smells like rosemary and sulfur, according to the actress) her husband dragged her to a party. The first person she meets there? George Clooney, naturally.


"I could see that he smells me," she said. "But he's trying to be polite." Garner said people keep asking why they weren't at Clooney's wedding to Amal Alamuddin and while they used work as an excuse she said "I think he didn't want 'licey' there."

She's right, too. I can literally feel my skin itching just at the mere mention of the words "head lice."

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I imitate my husband the exact same way, so this could be some kind of universal wife thing.

Also, my greatest fear as a parent, by far: Lice.