He Doesn't Look Like a Cat Here!

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Jason Derulo (or rather, Jay-SUNNN Duhrooooloh), who’s playing a cat in Cats and enjoys singing his name at various decibels, posted this photo on Thursday.


Is that a squirrel on the loose? Well, it just climbed into this thirst trap.

The cat is out of the bag? Look what the cat dragged in? Cat got your tongue?

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No, he does not look like a cat...

Meanwhile, we are in the midst of historic hearings about an unprecedented power grab by a president and there is this story, a story about how much it costs you to take a dump, and what the hats look like on a tv show about the queen. Those stories would be fine if there was still political coverage but I’m guessing that you folks got a “Deadspin” memo too.

I still come here out of habit, because this site and its affiliated sites have been so invaluable to me for so many years. I’m a middle age, middle class, white guy who has long been aware of the systemic misogyny and racism in our country, but Jezebel, the Root, and Splinter have been enormously helpful in humanizing these issues for me and making me realize that, as bad as I thought thing were, they are even worse.

I hope I can find a replacement site because I don’t find following people on Twitter to be either healthy or particularly helpful.

Anyway, thanks for everything and good luck going forward.