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Hayden Panettiere Not Allowed To Meet Amanda Knox

Illustration for article titled Hayden Panettiere Not Allowed To Meet Amanda Knox
  • Hayden Panettiere has been barred from meeting Amanda Knox.

Hayden will play Amanda in a TV movie, and says: "I wish [I could meet her]. I know the Italian government is being pretty protective of her, her lawyers are being protective of her, which is pretty understandable." Yeah… it's called jail. [Daily Express]

  • Angelina Jolie has been banned from Bosnia. Her directorial debut deals with a Bosnian Muslim woman falling for a Serbian soldier who rapes her during the Bosnian war. The Bosnian culture minister says: "We will only give them a permit to film if we can see the script and it shows the story doesn't insult Bosnian women, victims of war." [Daily Express]
  • UGH. The James Cameron/Angelina Jolie Cleopatra movie might be in 3D. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Kate Moss had a secret wedding and we all missed it. [Mirror]
  • Oh, no: Liza Minnelli has bronchial pneumonia! Get well! [Mirror]
  • Lindsay Lohan wants her SCRAM anklet to come off. Not your decision, dear! [Radar Online]
  • More buzz that Courteney Cox is in love with her Cougar Town costar. [Radar Online]
  • Sandra Bullock is being dragged to court in Jesse James' battle with his ex-wife over custody of their daughter Sunny. [Daily Express]
  • Are you available on October 23? That's when Katy Perry and Russell Brand will get married in a Hindu ceremony at a luxury hotel in India. [Page Six]
  • Oh, no: The Situation might become a partner — and the face of — the gym at the Plaza Hotel. A classy, historically important, beautiful place, associated with a guy who equates unattractive women to deadly explosive devices. [Page Six]
  • In other news, Snooki will be a pickle for Halloween! [Page Six]
  • Susan Sarandon is expanding her ping-pong empire across the Atlantic. [Page Six]
  • Here is Anderson Cooper in a rabbit suit. [Just Jared]
  • Ooh! Hoda Kotb's dating life made the gossip page! [Page Six]
  • The family of the real-life murder victim depicted in Hilary Swank's movie Conviction would like to meet with Swank — they claim they were never consulted about the movie. [Daily Express]
  • Mayor Bloomberg hasn't bought a new pair of shoes in 10 years. [Page Six]
  • Something tells me Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" video is going to be awesome. Some photos from the set at the link! [People]
  • Betty White will be the Men In Black 3D. [Daily Express]
  • Nick Cannon and Chelsea Handler have beef. On Twitter. [The Life Files]
  • Amy Adams, Chris Cooper and Rashida Jones: All in negotiations to be in the new Muppet movie. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • At the link, Keith Richards remembers the time he set fire to the Playboy mansion. (Insert your own it's-a-wonder-he-remembers-anything-at-all jokes.) [Page Six]
  • Michael Bolton is now a grandfather. [People]
  • Q: You bought a lot of bling at the beginning of your real estate career. Vanilla Ice: "I bought a lot of houses rock star—style. I was like, If I'm going to go skiing, I need to have my own cabin in Snowbird, Utah. When you're young and dumb, you don't think, I'm not even going to be here. But I sold them and made hundreds of thousands of dollars on each. I sat back and said, "It cannot be that easy." [Time]

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Nick Cannon wonders why all the whitefolks have beef with him. "I'm just a corny guy."

That's why. Eminem, Howard Stern, and Chelsea Handler ain't goin' hard against any brotha they think will pop a cap in their asses.

I hate that crap.