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Hawaii To OK Same-Sex Civil Unions?

Illustration for article titled Hawaii To OK Same-Sex Civil Unions?

Hawaii's governor-elect says he'd sign into law legislation granting same-sex civil unions—which would make the Aloha state the sixth to offer the right. A gay legislator says he's optimistic, but it will take "a lot of work."


The Hawaiian legislature has already passed a bill giving gay people involved in committed relationships the same rights enjoyed by hetero couples, but Republican governor Linda Lingle vetoed it in July. Now she's outta there, replaced by gay rights-supporting Democrat Neil Abercrombie. The lege is likely to pick up the issues again in 2011. (D.C. also permits same-sex marriage, BTW.)

Fun fact: Abercrombie beat Republican gubernatorial candidate Duke Aiona, who counted among his friends and associates a preacher who claims to have the power to heal and deliver God's grace to people just by impregnating text messages with virtue. Neat trick! But not enough to help Aiona win the gubernatorial seat.


Hawaii positioned to pass same-sex civil unions [Washington Post]

Image by qwrrty via Flickr.

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Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula

I am waiting for the first state to uphold marriage equality in a referendum. I'm not sure why since I don't think civil rights legislation should be a referendum vote. But after Maine was a heartbreaker (I grew up in Maine), I get worried for every new state.

But I have faith in you, Hawaii! GO!