​Have You Listened To The New St. Vincent Album Yet?

Last Thursday, singer/songwriter/master guitar shredder/David Byrne collaborator/all around badass talent Annie Clark (better known as her stage name St. Vincent) released her fourth studio album. The self-titled piece is whimsical and eloquent, an intensely calculated noisy St. Vincent standard. It may or may not be the musical equivalent of "I think, therefore I am." So if the Oscars aren't your thing/you don't own a TV goddammit, Spotify that shit—better yet, buy it here— and feel safe in St. Vincent's chaos.

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Yep. Got it and the new Beck album on the same day. The St. Vincent is on repeat. The Beck? Not so much. But I do have to say the song I've got on repeat is the new Cloud Nothings.

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