Have You Heard About My Future Favorite Movie, A Mommy Blogger Thriller Starring Anna Kendrick?

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Image via Getty

Have you heard about this mommy blogger thriller? Because I’m just hearing about this mommy blogger thriller. Yes, the mommy blogger thriller starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively and it’s by comedy writer-director Paul Feig.

God I just love typing “mommy blogger thriller.”

The movie, which is called A Simple Favor, is based on the book by the same name by Darcey Bell according to Deadline. The plot of the book centers on a stay-at-home mommy blogger named Stephanie living in Connecticut who befriends Emily, a PR executive who works in New York. But one day Emily straight up vanishes, leaving her son behind, and Stephanie reaches out for her blog followers for help solving the case.


The movie reportedly just started shooting this month and gosh are the photos of Anna Kendrick in “mommy blogger” attire (pom-pom covered sweaters, that button-up denim skirt that literally everyone owns) are great. And I’ll repeat, this is a thriller directed by Paul Feig of comedies Freaks and Geeks, Ghostbusters, and Spy. Because what’s more terrifying than the “helpful” comments section of a mommy blog?

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If not for the big names attached, I would assume this is some Lifetime nonsense. That I would definitely watch.