Apparently, having a Frankenstein stoner in his mid-twenties leap out at you from the darkness and accidentally kick you in the genitals wasn’t too high up on the list of things Pennsylvanians wanted to do this Halloween. Pennsylvania’s Shocktober fest recently cancelled its much-ridiculed “Naked and Scared” tour after township officials near Reading, Pa. politely asked the super-scary themed park to reconsider the whole concept of a naked haunted house.

The idea, according to Today’s blog, was to give people the option to run, labia a-fluttering/testicles a-jingling naked through a haunted house. There was also “prude” option for people who wanted to keep their clothes on and not suffer the double indignity of shitting directly onto the haunted house floor when they got too scared. The park opened last night for the Halloween season (also, IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!!!), and will issue refunds to the all the exhibitionists who already shelled out $20 bucks to strip down and run naked through a haunted house.

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