Hathaway, Jackman and Redmayne Might Do Their Les Mis Thing Live at the Oscars

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Could the cast of everyone's favorite musical of 2012 be reuniting at the Oscars? I dunno, probably! The Daily Mail is reporting that Samantha Barks, who played lovable street rat Aladdin Eponine, is currently negotiating a leave with the touring cast of Oliver that she's currently performing with in order to join her Les Miserables costars on stage at the Academy Awards.


The exact songs being sung have yet to be confirmed, but both the Mail and the New York Times are speculating that it will either be one big group number like "Do You Hear the People Sing" or a medley featuring Anne Hathaway singing "I Dreamed a Dream," Barks singing "On My Own," Eddie Redmayne singing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" and Hugh Jackman singing one of the 200,000 Valjean songs that he has to choose from.


General consensus is that Russell Crowe will not be appearing on stage at the Kodak theater, probably because one Javert suicide is more than enough.

On my own? Not any more, says Les Miserables' Eponine! [The Daily Mail]

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