Hate The Holidays? New Study Says Complaining About It Is Actually Good For You

A lot of us have a not-so-great association with the holiday season. Sure, there's a lot to love but it's also a stressful time for everyone, even if you do have amazing family members who only occasionally make you want to lose it.

But the good news is, according to science, bitching about how much you hate the holidays could not only be your saving grace, it could also be incredibly healthy because:

1. Complaining can inspire people to change their current situation.
Pretty true. If you complain about something often enough, it's likely you'll become so sick of your problem that you'll do anything in your power to change it.


2. Sometimes it's better for everyone if you tell it like it is.
According to a new study appearing in the Journal of Consumer Research, many people actually respond more positively to negative feedback as it's more likely to bring about positive change.

So there you go. You now have my permission to bitch about the holidays if you so choose. Glad I could help.

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