Hate-Blogging, Window Breaking, Incessant Calls Fail To Win Back Ex-Boyfriend

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A woman in Houston is being charged with felony stalking after calling her ex boyfriend over 1,000 times in three months, breaking his kitchen window with a five-foot sword, and documenting her heartbreak on a rambling blog dedicated how she couldn't understand why that goddamn bastard didn't love her anymore.

Toni Jo Silvey and Peter Main were pretty much living the fairy tale dream chronicled in every Disney movie- girl meets boy, boy is a "leather artist," girl and leather artist break up, leather artist begins dating much younger woman, girl becomes enraged and starts blogging about it under the pseudonym "woundedpoeticsoul," girl calls boy constantly, boy can't change phone number, swords and window breaking get involved, boy becomes afraid to report girl and anger her further, leather artist calls police...

Police say post breakup Silvey pretty much made Main's life a living hell. The Houston Chronicle reports,

He told police he saw Silvey shatter the leaded glass windows near his front door with a tire iron in July. He also said she smashed a kitchen window with a tire iron on Aug. 3, and then returned four days later and broke another kitchen window with a 5-foot sword.

That same day, Main told police, Silvey rammed her Chevy Blazer into his parked car, slamming it into the garage door and causing about $915 in damages.

Main also reported being "egged" several times by Silvey, and gave police a screen shot of Silvey allegedly bragging about it on her Facebook page.

In an interview with police, Silvey repeatedly told the officer to "read my blog, read my blog, it's all there."


Read your blog? I'd rather not, thanks. I liked it better when it was a movie, and it was called "Fatal Attraction," and Michael Douglas was playing Peter Main. I even liked it better when you were played by Ali Larter and you and Beyonce fought over who got to have Idris Elba.

Silvey's being held on a $25,000 bond, is still in jail, and has been ordered not to contact Main.

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Violet Baudelaire

Not to take this too seriously, but honestly - this kind of stuff makes me really angry sometimes. This is a woman who shouldn't be in jail - she should be in a psych ward or institution where she's also obviously locked away from doing harm but where it's recognized that she's got severe mental issues. Jail won't help her (will probably make things worse), and having her in jail (as long as she's removed from the ability to do harm) won't help her ex-boyfriend either.